Habit for Humanity Chicago
Formerly "Windy City Habitat for Humanity"

Habitat for Humanity Chicago recognizes that access to affordable housing is not just a Chicago concern, but also a global need. We are proud to extend our commitment to helping families achieve affordable homeownership though our partner country, Malawi! Our affiliate has pledged an immediate 10% yearly tithe to Habitat Malawi, advancing its critical and innovative work. In the near future, we also plan to send volunteer groups to help expand these efforts.

Habitat for Humanity Malawi

is structured to tackle many hardships simultaneously in land-locked, beautiful Malawi. Nick-named "the warm heart of Africa", Malawi is slightly less spacious than Pennsylvania and situated about as far from the eastern shore of Mozambique as Tennessee is from the coast of North Carolina.

Despite the country's beautiful scenery, Malawians face some very tough living conditions. Dense population, somewhat unreliable infrastructure, a humble agricultural economy, and the threat of AIDS create many extra challenges for the people here.

HFH Malawi, founded in 1986, provides support in the following ways:

BUILDING IN STAGES is a program that was created for HFH Malawi and has since been adopted elsewhere. Families can select, in phases, home sizes and home improvement loans that suit their specific needs. A first-phase, one-room home costs appx. $600.00 USD. After loan repayment, a family can opt for the construction of extra rooms, increased kitchen / bathroom functionality, and/or a number of other additional upgrades.

Aside from offering families increased agency and flexibility as they build better living conditions, the decreased cost of initial home construction allows Habitat to help more families more quickly than before.

Interested in volunteering in Malawi through Habitat for Humanity Chicago? Send an email to: [email protected], and we'll let you know about our first trip!

For additional information about HFH Malawi, please visit: http://www.habitat.org/where-we-build/malawi