Habit for Humanity Chicago
Formerly "Windy City Habitat for Humanity"

Partner Neighborhood - West Pullman

Habitat for Humanity Chicago has chosen to focus work in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago. Our major build site is in the heart of West Pullman at 119th and Union, just East of Halsted. West Pullman is bounded on the north by 115th Street, on the east by the former Illinois Central Railroad, on the south by the Calumet River and Riverdale, on the west by Calumet Park, Blue Island, and Ashland Avenue.

West Pullman spans parts of the 34th and 9th wards of the City of Chicago, and boasts the largest urban photovoltaic solar plant in the United States. Home to 30,000 Chicago residents, West Pullman also contains the Major Taylor bike trail, the new West Pullman branch of the Chicago Public Library, a number of public parks, and the Salvation Army's Kroc Community Center.

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