S. Neil Peck
Board Member
Windy City Habitat for Humanity

S. Neil Peck is President and Owner of S.N. Peck Builder, Inc., a residential and small commercial remodeling construction company located in Chicago. Founded in 1982, S.N. Peck Builder is committed to green and sustainable construction. As president and owner, Mr. Peck is responsible for sales and overall operation of the company.

In 2003, Mr. Peck joined the Windy City Habitat for Humanity, working with the Construction committee. In October of 2010, he was named President of the Board. With his commitment to the idea that everyone in this world has the right to safe, good and decent housing, Mr. Peck's experience as a builder and contractor has allowed him to use his expertise to bring this idea into reality.

Over the years, Mr. Peck has dedicated his professional and personal time to several organizations including the North Branch Restoration Project, a 30-year-old organization committed to the restoration of natural areas along the North branch of the Chicago river and other Chicagoland natural areas, and member of the Investor in the Hunger Project, an international NGO committed to ending chronic hunger in this world through leadership transformation and training of women and men committed to creating new futures for themselves. He has served as an Advisory Board member for the Cook County Forest Preserves.

A graduate of Indiana University, Mr. Peck was recently LEED AP certified. A supporter of organic farms, he currently enjoys spending his time gardening, restoring natural areas and spending time with his grandchildren.